L'OISEAU MORT - Soubresauts

L'Oiseau Mort is a french hip-hop band with very engaged lyrics, very present in the DIY scene in France. This is their first LP next an excellent with the "collectif Mary Read". This LP is no-profit, only 5euros, with a very awesome artwork, a screenpaint cover, white vinyl, insert who we can read like a fanzine and drawings we can color! For me this band is the best actual DIY hip-hop band in france! Yes you'll don't understand the lyrics who's the most important, so yes I'm sad for you!

1 - Les Silences
2 - Crashtest
3 - La Nuit Où Tout A Changé
4 - Mille Et Une Façon D'Avoir Peur
5 - Arrivés De Nulle Part
6 - Quels Sourires?
7 - Des Matelas Aux Murs
8 - Durable
9 - De Marbre


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